Angel Investments: The 5 W’s

We have all heard about angels and been fascinated by them, more so during our childhoods. We have heard of stories about angels doing innumerable good things, of appearing from nowhere and helping people in distress and so on and so forth. The word angel is actually derived from a Greek word “aggelos,” which literally means “a messenger.” There is a similar Hebrew word called “malak,” which also has the same meaning.

The Bible describes a whole range of spirits, whom god has created, which includes both good and evil angels. There are chapters devoted to even special categories such as Cherubim, Seraphim, and the Archangel in the Bible. The word angel is mentioned at least 101 times in the Old Testament and 165 times in the New Testament. There is no dearth of script when it comes to angels. 606 angel number

Angels are supposed to have been created by god for specific purposes. The scriptures tell us that they were created in connection with the creation of the heavens. Going by the scriptures, it appears that all angels were created at one single instance and no new angels were created to add to that number. Angels are supposedly not subject to death or any form of extinction. Therefore, their number always remains constant and does not decrease. The scriptures also tell us that when the angels appear, they appear as human beings, even though they are not made of flesh and blood like us. Most of them are supposed to appear like males, although in some cases, they also assume the female form. They could also appear in unusual forms, instances of which can be found in the Bible.

One can get extensive information on angels from the Holy Bible. You can also visit specific online resources, which are devoted to angels. One can also go through scores of other literature which can give you great insights into the working of angels. In fact the market is flooded with books regarding angels. Books like “Angels 101” have been global best sellers.


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